The newest release by Hair & Graces has changed the hair care game. With pumpkin infused through the formula this spray isn’t average by any means. The Potassium and Zinc in pumpkin leave the hair feeling soft and thicker immediately, whilst enhancing growth.

The spray was carefully formulated to prevent the appearance of dry, brittle hair whilst acting as a leave in conditioner. The product is suitable for bleached hair and is there for hair support once the hair has been washed with purple shampoo.

We can proudly say that Hair & Graces Pumpkin Infused Protein Spray is free of any nasties, so no layer of chemicals will be left on the hair after use.

Artfully crafted, the spray has the delicate scent of strawberry immersed through the formula.

There is no doubt that this spray is going to transform thousands of lives by leaving the hair nourished, thick and glossy.